The Importance Of Proper Post Installation When You're Getting A New Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence is a good option when you need to keep a big dog in your yard. The fence creates privacy so your dog won't see movement on the other side and get excited. Plus, vinyl is tough and it won't splinter if your dog jumps against it.

The posts are an important part of a vinyl fence system, and they have to be installed properly. Here's what to know about this part of a vinyl fence installation.

The Posts Have To Be Level

Instead of the rails being nailed to the posts as happens with wood fencing, the rails are slipped into holes in the posts with vinyl fencing. There are holes at the bottom and top of each post. In order for the rails to fit and hold the pickets in place, the posts must be level. Installing the posts is one of the most important aspects of vinyl fence installation since the rest of the fence is built onto them.

The posts have to be level with each other and in a straight line so the rails slip into the holes easily. The rails then hold the pickets in place, so if the posts aren't installed properly, it will be difficult for the rest of your fence to fit together and have an attractive look.

The Post Holes Need To Be The Right Depth

The posts hold the fence steady. If you have a strong dog that may jump against the fence, you want to make sure the posts are deep enough that your fence will take the strong forces of your dog jumping and strong wind blowing. The fence contractor will dig the holes to the appropriate depth and place gravel in the bottom for drainage.

First, they'll need to have utility lines marked so it's safe to dig the holes. They'll probably start with the end posts and then calculate the distance apart needed for the rest of the holes and posts. The fence contractor may install a string between the end posts to help them align the other postholes in a straight line.

The Posts Should Be Set In Concrete

Posts for fences are usually set in concrete for added strength. This is especially important when you have a big dog or the dog might work a post loose if it jumps against it often. Concrete keeps the fence panels secure for many years to come.

Your fence contractor might set the posts on the first day of your vinyl fence installation and then let the concrete cure a day or two before attaching the rails and pickets.

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