Why It's Worth Screening In Your Patio

Many people think of a patio as a wide, open space outside of the home. Perhaps they picture the patio with a cover, or perhaps they picture it without. Enclosing your patio with screens may initially seem like you're making it too much of an indoor space. However, today's screens can be quite transparent, allowing your patio to still feel like it's in the great outdoors. And on top of that, there are a lot of benefits that come with enclosing your patio.

Enclosures keep the insects away

Do you feel like you're always battling mosquitoes and other bugs when you're outside? They can really put a damper on a party, and having to spray yourself with bug repellant or place light citronella candles all over the place can be a real nuisance. Enclosing your patio will give you a bug-free outdoor space to enjoy. The screens on most patio enclosures are fine enough to exclude mosquitoes and other tiny bugs. You can cut down on your chemical use, and you don't have to worry whether kids or pets will stay safe around candles.

Enclosures reduce sun exposure

Sun will still shine through the screens and onto your enclosed patio. However, it won't be quite as bright or overbearing. You can buy screens specifically designed to reduce the amount of UV that passes through, too. This can make lounging on your patio safer and more enjoyable on those extra sunny days. You can always open some of the screens on days that are less sunny.

Enclosures protect your patio furniture

With an enclosure on your patio, you won't get leaves or other debris blowing onto your patio furniture. This will make your patio furniture easier to clean and put into storage at the end of the season, and it may even help the furniture last longer.

Enclosures save you cleanup time

By keeping leaves and other debris off the patio, enclosures also save you time when it comes to maintaining the patio itself. You won't need to spend as much time sweeping, scrubbing, or blowing away leaves. This is especially nice in the autumn when the leaves are many but the days are short. You can spend those daylight hours relaxing on the patio instead of sweeping it.

Patio enclosures are a really wise investment for most homeowners. Start looking at options, and pick a patio enclosure that's right for your needs.

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