3 Materials For Decorative Picket Fences

Picket fences can come in a variety of sizes from a miniature edging fence decorating a garden bed to a taller fence around your yard. They can also offer a classic white-picket-fence aesthetic, or a more personalized or whimsical look depending on how you customize them.

Here are some of the materials that you can choose from when looking for a decorative picket fence.

1. Metal

Metal can be a great material for decorative picket fencing, especially if you're going for a Victorian or Edwardian aesthetic. Metal picket fences can provide a wrought-iron look, allowing you to give your garden traditional, elegant, or even Gothic vibes depending on the size and style of the fence.

On the other hand, metal picket fences can also offer cleaner, more modern lines for a decorative touch that's understated and even minimalistic. 

2. Wood 

Wood is an extremely versatile fence material, which is why it's great for many different types of fences, decorative picket fencing included. One reason wood is so great here is because you can easily customize a wood picket fence in any way you want. This allows you to easily create a whimsical, personality-filled fence that matches your style exactly.

For instance, you can choose between many different decorative finishes, textures, and colors for your fence. You can also easily change the height of a wood fence by adding a fence topper. Or you can even add decorative silhouettes to the fence by having your fence contractor add cutouts in the wood.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl has a big advantage as a fence material; it's both lightweight and durable. For a decorative edging fence, this can be quite useful. For instance, if you place the fence along the front of a landscaped bed, being able to easily move it if you want to change the bed's shape or location can be very helpful.

And if you want to put the fence in a difficult-to-access location such as the back of a garden bed, vinyl can be an ideal material because it will add a decorative element without requiring regular upkeep like a wood fence. You won't have to worry about not being able to easily access all sides of the fence for painting or refinishing.

These types of fencing materials can all work well for a relatively small, decorative picket fence. Get in touch with your local fence contractor today to discuss the type of fence you're looking for, what you need it to do, and the best material to help it fulfill its purpose.

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