2 Questions You'll Have Before Building A Fence

Building a fence can be quite challenging for a few reasons. Not only does it involve having the labor skills to pull it off, but there are legal aspects of the job that you need to be aware of. That is why many people turn to a professional fencing contractor to make sure their fence is built properly. Here are a few questions you'll likely have before they start construction.

Is A Land Survey Necessary?

One thing that you may be wondering is if you need to pay to have a land survey done prior to building a fence. The reason for having a land survey done is to ensure that you are building the fence on your property and to avoid disputes with your neighbors. However, you're likely wondering if you need to get a land survey done, and the answer is not always clear.

If you recently purchased your home, then you likely had a land survey done as part of the process. You should have a land survey already that should be accurate, and there should be property pins in the ground. If you're able to locate all four property pins and have the paper copy of the land survey, then your fencing contractor may decide to move forward without getting a land survey done.

Is A Permit Necessary?

Another question that comes up is if you need a permit to install your new fence. If you work with a local fencing contractor, they likely are already well aware of all the rules in your city when it comes to fence permits. If you are unsure, you'll need to check with your city about if a permit is necessary.

Be aware that there are different types of fence permits for different situations. For example, if you are building a fence around a backyard pool, there may be more strict requirements for this type of fence. You may have a requirement for a specific type of lock or fence height, and the city will want you to pull a permit to ensure that those rules are followed. One thing to keep in mind is that the cost of a permit is always going to be less than the cost to fix your fence down the road because things were done incorrectly. 

Do you still have questions about what needs to be done prior to your fence installation? Contact your fencing services contractor for more information.

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