Three Good Locations For A Hog Wire Fence

Hog wire fencing is common to see on farms, but that doesn't mean that this material can't have value in residential applications, too. Hog wire fencing is made of thick, metal wire that runs vertically and horizontally in a cage-like manner, resulting in a fence that has openings that are small. This design may appeal to you, especially when you pair it with stylish wooden posts and top rails. If you need a fencing contractor to build a fence on your property, discuss the pros and cons of using hog wire with him or her. Here are three good locations for a hog wire fence.

Around a Dog Run

For people who have large yards, a fence around the entire perimeter of the yard may not be practical. If you have a dog, however, you'll want to have some type of contained space in your yard in which the dog can get some exercise. For many people, the answer is a dog run — a fenced-in area in which the dog can roam without you worrying about it roaming too far. Hog wire is an idea fencing material for this usage. Because it's easy to see through, you'll have no trouble keeping an eye on your pet whether you're out in the yard or looking through a window in your house.

Around a Garden

Some homeowners like the idea of installing fencing around their vegetable garden as a way to keep their pets and children out of it. Hog wire can be a good option for this usage. The fence will serve as a physical deterrent to your pets and children, but its see-through nature means that it won't block the sun and stunt the growth of some of the plants. You don't want a fence to prevent the sun's rays from hitting your plants, but that's what can happen with some fencing materials.

Around Your Front Yard

There are many different types of fencing that can work well around a residential front yard. In this location, you might not favor a solid wood fence like you may have in your backyard. Often, people use shorter fences with open designs in their front yards, and a hog wire fence can offer this look. If you choose wooden posts and top rails for the hog wire fence, your fencing company can even use wood that ties in with any wood on the exterior front of your home. For example, the company may use wood that matches your front steps or front porch, as this will create a unified look.

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