Wrought Iron Fence Design Ideas To Give Metal Fencing Custom Designs And Details

If you want to have a wrought-iron fence with the right design and details, you want to choose custom features and personalized details. You have many choices to consider for a custom wrought-iron fence, such as finials, spires, and ornamental fence sections. The following wrought-iron fence design ideas will help you create custom fencing for your property:

Ornamental Wrought-Iron Fence Sections

The fence you install can have ornamental fence sections, which will make the design of new wrought-iron fencing more attractive. These ornamental fence sections can be more standard than the custom metalwork you may use for features like spires and finials or a custom-built gate. The ornamental fence sections will give your fence a unique, uniform look. The ornamental sections are also an affordable solution for long runs of fencing that need to be installed. 

Custom Iron Spires for Unique Fence Details

Spires are another great option for the custom design of wrought-iron fencing. These spires can be standard wrought-iron materials, or they can be custom-made metalwork that gives your fence unique details. The spires will give the vertical sections of your fence a unique custom look with twisted shapes and other custom metalwork that makes metal fencing stand out from other plain fence designs.

Decorative Finials to Make Fencing More Attractive

The finials are the decorative spike-like features of metal fencing. These do not have to be installed on every section of your fence, but they can enhance areas where you want the fencing to have more attractive details. You may want to install the finials in front or street-facing areas of the fence. You can also install them on gated entrances to give gates more unique custom design details.

Custom-Built Gates for More Unique Entrance Designs

There are also options for custom-built gates, which can have more personalized decorative details. The gates can also have different shapes like arches and geometric shapes in the metalwork. You can talk to your wrought-iron fence service about the different options to have the gates for your fence custom-built with personalized design details. There are options for more standard custom wrought-iron gate designs too, which will give your fence a more uniform look. 

These are some wrought-iron fence design ideas that will help you create unique custom fencing for your property. When you get ready to install custom metal fencing, contact a wrought-iron fence service and ask about some of these design ideas.

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