Things to Think About Before You Install A Modern Fence

When you look at the residential fences in a few neighborhoods, you'll find that many of them are rustic, while others are modern. If you're hiring a fencing contractor to erect a fence for you, a top priority will be to decide which look you find most appealing. There's little question that modern fences can be visually appealing. For someone who enjoys modern design elements, this is often a popular choice. Before you move forward with discussing a modern fence with your contractor, there are several things that you should think about, including these three points.

Suitability With Your Home

Perhaps the most important detail to evaluate before you move forward with a modern fence is how well this design matches the exterior of your home. It's ideal when a fence has a similar look to the residence that sits behind it. If your home has modern elements on its exterior—or you're planning an exterior renovation that will make your residence far more modern than it currently is—a modern-looking fence will be a good idea.

Compatibility in the Neighborhood

When you own your own home, you're generally free to do what you want with the yard. This includes erecting any type of fence that you want, provided that it satisfies local bylaws. It's important, however, to give some thought to how compatible a modern fence is within the neighborhood. For example, if some of the houses on your street have rustic fences (perhaps those made of unfinished logs), a modern fence might stand out more than you'd like. Conversely, if there are a handful of homes with modern design elements, including fences, your idea for a fence will be a good fit.

Degree of Privacy

While there are all sorts of modern fence designs, one common trend is that a lot of them offer a high degree of privacy. If you visit a neighborhood with high-end modern homes, you'll often struggle to see beyond the fences around the edges of the yards. There are lots of benefits of a fence that blocks peoples' views, but you may wish to choose a design that isn't quite as obstructive. This may be true if you don't want to give your neighbors the impression that you're hiding from them.

Now is the time to talk to a residential fencing contractor and discuss modern designs that offer a suitable degree of privacy, while still giving a warm, welcoming look.

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