Electric Fences: Pros And Cons

If you are currently in the process of raising livestock of any kind, you will need an effective fence to ensure that they remain in place. Though there are a variety of fence styles available, electric fences tend to be the most effective in a number of cases when it comes to livestock. Of course, electric fences are not the best solution for every situation. Prior to choosing a specific style of fence, you will want to consider the pros and cons of electric fences.

Pro: Electric Fences Offer an Effective Barrier

One of the greatest benefits of an electric fence is how effective it is, particularly for horses and cattle. The light shock that the wires give livestock is just enough to make them respect the barrier, which leads to fewer lost animals and less broken fences.

Con: Electric Fences Require Regular Voltage Checks

One of the main drawbacks to electric fences is that you will need to perform regular checks to ensure that the power voltage is consistent. If there is a considerable amount of weeds touching the fence, damaged insulators, or other components that are causing the fence to short out, the voltage will end up being too low to be effective. In other words, electric fences require maintenance in order to work properly.

Pro: Electric Fences Are Affordable

When compared to other options available, electric fences are one of the more affordable solutions. Electric fences can also be installed relatively quickly, with the supplies needed being inexpensive. You can expect some long-term costs with electric fences; however, the repairs tend to be inexpensive. Modern solar fence chargers tend to have a three-year warranty and offer lightning coverage.

Con: Electric Fences Are Not Visually Appealing

While it is true that electric fences are not as attractive as other forms of fencing, the truth of the matter is that the fencing that you are putting up on the back acres of your property is not necessarily very important. More than likely, no one is going to see this fencing. With that being said, a decorative fence really is not important, since it will likely go unnoticed.

Pro: Electric Fences Are Flexible

A great thing about electric fences are they are easy to move. In the event that you need to move your livestock to a different area of your land or your boundary lines need to be rearranged, it won't be much of a hassle to relocate your fencing. For those looking for temporary fencing, electric fencing is a popular choice due to its flexibility.

Con: Electric Fences Can "Go Out"

During a power outage, your electric fence is not longer an electric fence. During a short-term power outage, your livestock is likely to never notice that there isn't a power surge in the fence. Of course, you could always opt for solar-powered charges for your fence, but this is generally only a solution for smaller acreages.

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