Six Important Functions You May Need Your Fence To Serve

If you are planning to have a fence built on your property, it's a good idea to identify exactly what you're hoping to get out of your fence. Being aware of the purposes you want your fence to serve helps you to decide on the appropriate design and materials for your fence construction project.

The following are six of the most common functions property owners hope to get from a fence installation. 

Establish boundaries with neighbors

It might be important to you to use your fence to distinguish your property from your neighbor's property. This is especially important if you've had property disputes or situations where you feel that those living near you were encroaching on your property.

It's best to discuss your property boundaries with your neighbors before you begin fence construction if you're having property boundary issues. Make sure everyone acknowledges the proper location of the boundaries before you start constructing your fence to avoid conflict. 

Keep wildlife off of your property

The primary reason behind many fence construction projects is to keep wildlife off of one's property. If you have had wildlife like deer or rabbits eating vegetation in your yard or invading your home, a fence is an important investment. 

Fences built to keep wildlife out need to be particularly strong. If you're trying to keep smaller wildlife out like rabbits and raccoons, you might want to install wire mesh along the bottom of your fence. 

Increase the security of your property

If you're concerned about burglaries in your neighborhood, a fence could help protect your property from intruders. However, fences have to be very sturdy and secure to help against burglars. A tall, iron fence with a gate that locks shut could be one of the best options if your main concern is security. 

Improve the appearance of your yard

Some fences are mostly aesthetic in nature. A white picket fence or an ornate decorative iron fence might be perfect for increasing the charm and elegance of your yard. 

Provide a shield against the wind

Fences can make good windbreaks. If you're looking for a fence that is effective at offering wind protection, consider a slatted panel or trellis panel fence.

Enhance privacy around your home

Fences can block the view of passersby into your yard. If you want a fence that will offer maximum privacy, you can choose a variety of different materials to do the job. Wooden fences, mesh fences, or chain-link fences with slats in them can be perfect for making a property more private. 

You can contact a fence company to find more information on types of fences and their benefits.

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