3 Qualities Of Cedar Wood Fencing That Make It Worth A Close Look When You Need A Backyard Fence

Cedar is one of the best types of wood to use for a backyard fence. Cedar costs more than cheap pressure-treated pine, but the expense is worth it when you want an attractive fence that will last for many years. Here are three reasons cedar makes excellent fencing.

1. Cedar Wood Fencing Is Hard And Durable

Western red cedar is the type of cedar often used for fencing because it is harder than some other types of cedar. While western red cedar is technically a softwood and not nearly as hard as hardwood, the cedar is harder than other softwood fencing materials such as pine. Pine is so soft that it can be scratched easily. Western red cedar isn't damaged as easily, so it's an excellent fencing material if you have a dog that might claw at the fence or kids who may bump the fence with toys. Because the wood is hard and durable, it should have a long life with the need for minimal repairs.

2. Cedar Fencing Has An Attractive Color And Grain

Beauty is a personal preference, but cedar tends to have a more luxurious appearance than pine and other less expensive types of fencing. For one thing, red cedar has a rich, red color that gives your fence some personality. Most of your neighbors may have cheap pine fences, or white vinyl fences, so a cedar fence would be unique and eye-catching. In addition, the grain pattern and knot patterns are also unique and attractive. Different grades of cedar have a different number and type of knots, so you're able to choose the look you like best.

3. Cedar Wood Has Aromatic Oil

One unique trait of cedar fencing is the oil that is naturally present in the wood. The oil provides some protection from water damage since the oil keeps rain from soaking into the wood fence. However, one of the biggest benefits of the oil in cedar wood is that it repels and kills insects. The actions of repelling water and insects slow down the decay of the wood, and that's one reason a western red cedar fence lasts a long time. Cedarwood and oil are so effective as an insect repellent that you can buy cedar chips to hang in your closet to repel moths. Cedar oil is used in some pesticide formulations to either repel or kill certain insects.

Cedar oil has an aroma that bugs may hate, but you might like the smell. You might enjoy putting a picnic table near the fence so you can enjoy the cedar aroma when the wind blows. The aroma is so enticing that the oils are sometimes used in perfume and incense products.

For more information about cedar wood fencing, contact a fencing contractor near you.

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